first magnitude

CIFAE Anti-Palm Oil Campaign

We are happy to announce that we had a successful kick-off of our campaign against palm oil! On March 24th, we had a fantastic benefit party at the First Magnitude Brewery Company, a popular and environmentally conscious space in Gainesville. We spread the word about CIFAE and the adverse effects of palm oil, as well as sold our new merchandise (check out our cool hats, socks, sweatpants, and crews!) In addition, CIFAE supporters made signs for our march. We had discounts for beer, a raffle, and great information sheets for interested patrons.



On Sunday, March 25th, we had our march on a beautiful afternoon at Depot Park. Though we have previously spearheaded the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, we were excited to kickoff the inaugural March Against Palm Oil in our community. We can’t wait to grow this campaign in the future and continue to raise awareness about the harmful effects of palm oil on elephant habitat.


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