Field Guides

Field Guides is one of our new programs. The need for this program arose from our work with Aranyak and other local not-for-profits that were supporting the rangers at various national parks in India. The original campaign “Life Guards” (2002-2004) was largely successful at helping buy new uniforms, first aid kits, bed rolls, and field water treatment systems. In addition, CIFAE and Aranyak provided funding for small groups of rangers from various conservation areas to receive training from the elite wildlife guards at Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India.

The Field Guides program has two parts. First, we will expand and make permanent our efforts to support rangers, guides, and wildlife guards wherever possible. Their needs are great, their salaries are low, and the risks in their daily work are tremendous. Second, we will develop a nomination process, likely through our partner not-for-profits, to select a ranger, wildlife guard, or guide that has performed exceptionally on behalf of the elephant. This will be a difficult process given that these courageous individuals serve “above and beyond” every day.

Please visit our News & Events page frequently, read about these courageous individuals, and learn how you can help us help them. They are on the frontlines everyday on behalf of the elephant and all wildlife!