Conservation Initiative for the Asian Elephant’s mission is to identify issues of critical importance to the sustainability of the Asian elephant and the peoples sharing its habitat. We shall assist with design, implementation, and maintenance of projects and programs that address these critical issues.  

Examples of What We Have Achieved 

  • Community Conservation Program Development, Meghalaya, India, in partnership with Samrakshan Trust  and Margot Marsh Foundation.
  • Jeypore Forest Habitat and Endangered Species Assessment: Assam, India.
  • Elephant corridor re-routing, in partnership with Operation Eye of the Tiger, Uttarakhand, India
  • Publishing and distribution of “Elephants: Great Life in Danger” by S.M. Ali and K. Yoganand, 2004.
  •  Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism Society, Assam, India, in partnership with Aaranyak
  • Campaign to end palm oil plantation development and habitat destruction in collaboration with Elephant Family.
  • Campaign to end ivory trade in collaboration with among others Elephant Family

Examples of What We Intend to Do

  • Develop a new website and improve CIFAE’s reach through improved social media approaches.
  • Recruit two interns, CIFAE’s first interns, to help web and social marketing, as well as to develop our education programs and conservation workshops.
  • Design and provide community-based conservation workshops in key elephant habitats.
  • Hold the first-of-its-kind landscape-scale community-based conservation workshop in a critical elephant region.
  • Develop or enhance collaborative projects and programs with effective and highly credible organizations such as but not limited to Aaranyak, ATREE, Elephant Family, Namma Sangha, Navdanya, and Operation Eye of the Tiger.
  • Annual participation in Global March for Elephants, DC, US.
  • Provide scholarships for young people working to save the Asian elephant.
  • Develop an annual Field Guide Award program that internationally recognizes individuals devoted to Asian elephant sustainability. 
  • Develop an Asian elephant library.