Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India: Primary Forest Valley

Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India: Primary Forest Valley

Elephas's Land

Elephas maximus is the Asian elephant’s scientific name. And most would agree that maximus (or great) is well suited to describe this wonderful and enormous creature. However, this also alludes to the large amount of land that elephants need to survive as well as to perform their role as a keystone species, and the scope of their importance to the ecosystems in which they live.

The Elephas’s Land program (originally named Safe Haven) is designed to identify and support landscape-scale, community-based opportunities that protect elephants while also creating a sustainable human ecology. This holistic approach has made this program the most successful and one that we intend to improve and expand considerably through the foreseeable future.

We are developing and implementing landscape-scale, community-based conservation education and training programs, and providing these through workshops and onsite projects for communities, not-for-profits, and businesses interested in protecting elephants, natural landscapes, restoring traditional agricultural practices, and developing economically viable and ecologically continuous commerce.

One example and without doubt the most important for Asian elephants and the people sharing their range is the Garo Hills, UNESCO World Heritage Site Project. Please visit the special page for this project, learn more about Garo Hills her elephants and people, and join in to help us save one of the five largest herds of Asian elephants remaining on Earth and the oldest indigenous peoples in SE Asia.

Please visit our News & Events page frequently to learn more about these programs and how you can join in.